• Question #814 - Why should I buy from you?

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    • Why should I buy from you?
    • Why use a theme from NexusThemes?
    • Why not get one from ThemeForest, Templatemonster, or the like?


    We've recorded a video that explains some of the differences that we think could be of value for you;

    Here's some unsollicited testimonials from our clients talking about our themes;

    (a testimonial from Kacem, owner of http://www.pixelsnetworks.net/

    And also you could get a good insight by looking at conversations posted on our FB group; its an open transparent group of our resellers. Feel free to take a look there, and optionally join it. You are invited to ask any questions about any doubts you may have;

    We allow you to try our themes for free, completely anonymous, simply by clicking on the "Try theme" button on any of the product pages you can find on our site, and lastly we offer a money back happiness guarantee; should you not be happy for whatever reason you are free to ask your money back within the 30 days after you made your purchase.

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