• Question #657 - Is the theme a one time payment?

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    • Is the theme a one time payment?
    • (one-off, one off) Will I have to pay a monthly fee to keep the theme?
    • Does it come with upgrades included?
    • Is the price advertised is a one off fee?
    • If no what other cost is there?
    • is the fee a one-time fee…or a monthly fee…?


    Once you have the theme you can keep that file as long as you like and use it as long as you like. The license that ships with the theme, is valid for one year and includes updates and support, after a year the license will expire. The majority of the features of the theme will continue to work as-is once the license expires, but some exceptions apply. Those are the ones that interactactivity with our server (external services). Examples of these are the Google Maps widget (the lookup to find the GPS location based upon an address is done through our servers) which is in each theme, and also business specific services, like for example the "Google Friendliness Score" service. Those will stop to work once the license has expired. You can optionally renew the license if it has expired. The prices of the renewal will roughly be the price of the theme (although this may vary, so no guarantees).

    Note that the photopack is optional; the photopack license is one-off, so there's no recurring charges when you buy it.

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