• Question #264 - I need more than 3 (three) fonts in my site. Can you help me out?

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    • I need more than 3 (three) fonts in my site. Can you help me out?


    We allow you to define 3 fonts to be configured in your site (similar to the fact that you can define only 3 colors). All text elements (titles, paragraphs, etc.) on your website will be bound to those fonts. This approach (using 3 fonts) is considered a best-practise according to designers and therefore we will stick to this ""rule". Allowing or enabling more than 3 fonts will easily make your site loose design-zen, and therefore we don't allow more than 3. Should you really need or like to go beyond those best practises ""rules"" of our system (for example, because you want or need more fonts) you can make exceptions using custom CSS. However, for that you will need to be
    a CSS expert. We don't provide support on implementing custom CSS other than refering you to this playlist; https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB_UEUlB9fiIcS0HZlSxjRUGyq0PRZgv7)."

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