• Question #1392 - How to use my personal photos in your WordPress website?

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    • How to use my personal photos in your WordPress website
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    You can easily replace any existing images on your site with personal ones. Configuring these images can work slightly different depending on where the image is contained (for example the type of widget). Lets go through the possibilties one by one;

    Possibility 1; edit images used in text widgets, images, callouts;

    Hover with your mouse of the widget that shows the image, and click on the icon to edit the properties. Click on the photo that is currently configured, and upload a new one. To see how it works, take a look at the following support video;

    Possibility 2; edit images inside of inline slider widgets;

    If you see a rotating set of images on the page (not in the background of the page, but "inline" the content), then the images are contained in an inline slider. To see how to change the images there, see this support page; https://www.wpsupporthelp.com/answer/how-to-replace-an-image-with-a-slider-in-wordpress-877/

    Possibility 3; edit images used in the background (most often part of the homepage) of the page;

    Most of our themes render one or more background images (either a static one, or ones that animate; the so called page sliders). See this support page for changing images of background sliders; https://www.wpsupporthelp.com/answer/how-can-i-edit-the-slides-and-the-text-in-the-slider-how-do-i-c-910/. See this support page to learn how to change the background image; https://www.wpsupporthelp.com/answer/how-do-i-change-an-existing-background-image-in-wordpress-727/

    Possibility 4; edit images used in blog widgets;

    Blog widgets render images that are configured on other posts or pages. To change the image that is rendered in a blog widget, see this support page; https://www.wpsupporthelp.com/answer/how-to-add-change-blog-image-thumbnail-1168/

    Possibility 5; favicons;

    See this support page; https://www.wpsupporthelp.com/answer/how-to-set-the-favicon-how-to-configure-the-logo-that-appears-o-438/

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