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    Hold your horses

    Sure, updating your theme is great, and highly recommended, so thumbs up for you landing on this page. But hold your horses for a few seconds first. We would like you to be aware its a best practise to always make proper backups before doing anything major on the site. Not because the update is likely to crash, but because its always be better to be safe then sorry. In fact, we recommend to make daily backups of your environment regardless of whether you update the theme or not. O, and now that you are at it, also please be sure to test the backup can be properly restored too ... we are in business for quite some years, and we've heard of people that had a backup procedure in place that wasn't working... To learn more about backups see this support page https://www.wpsupporthelp.com/answer/how-do-you-perform-a-backup-and-restore-9/. Having said that, lets proceed to see how to update your theme :)

    How to update the theme?

    First navigate to the backend of WordPress, then go to the "License" menu option in the "Nexus" admin section. The system will show there if an update is available, and will also give you instructions on how to download and install the update. If you prefer to see how this is done through a video, then see the video below:

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