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    Any of the themes provided by Nexus Themes can become full blown WooCommerce based ecommerce sites. Before you proceed with the next steps, ensure you are using the most recent version of the theme (older versions of the theme will not be compatible). To check if you are using the latest version of the theme, see here; https://www.wpsupporthelp.com/answer/how-to-update-the-theme-how-to-know-if-there-s-an-update-availa-1094/.

    We will use the free WooCommerce plugin in combination with the WooBridge plugin (its a paid extension, see https://www.wpsupporthelp.com/answer/where-can-i-download-the-woobridge-plugin-1479/ on how to get it).

    We have created a video series on how to integrate WooCommerce on your site;
    1) the intro;

    2) website setup and theme installation;

    3) installing the plugin and basic settings;

    4) creating template parts;

    5) configure the page layouts;

    6) replacing shortcodes with widgets;

    7) tuning the homepage for woocommerce;

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