• Question #1308 - How to darken the font in the WordPress website?

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    • How to darken the font in the WordPress website
    • People are having a difficult time reading the text on my website because the font is too pale. I've changed the color from grey to black but it's a very subtle difference, if any. I've also tried to change the font to something else that may look a bit thicker but when I do it doesn't appear to change the font. Can you help me out


    The color of texts that the theme will render is derived by the system automatically; if the background color is dark, the text will be white, and the other way around (light background will get black colors like the one on your site. So there's no way to make the colors more darker than black (black is the most darkest color out there; its rgb 0, 0, 0). If you still feel its not dark enough, probably it means you are using a very thin font. If you select a "thicker" font, you will see it will look more black. To learn how to change the font for texts, see the following video;

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