• Question #1393 - How to change the color of the color palette of your site?

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    • How to change the color of the color palette of your site?
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    • Can the theme colours be changed?


    The theme uses a unique and powerful feature that allows you to control the colors of your site. The basis of this colorization feature is a so called color palette. This color palette consists of the default colors black and white and its extended with 3 customizable colors that you can pick yourself (a primary color, a secondary and a tertiary color). Quite often you will see that the primary color and the secondary color are so called "opposites" of one another; they have a big contrast, which helps certain elements of your website to stand out from the rest. These combined are a best practise when it comes to creating a beautiful website; they form the color basis of your site.

    The website itself contains of various building components, for example rows, widgets, and elements within a widget, such as for example a button, title, or text. The colors of each of these components maps to any of the variations of a color from the palette, being a darker, dark, normal, light, or lighter variation of the color of that palette. The best way to show you how this works is by looking at the following support video that we created;

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