• Question #1379 - Does this WordPress theme come with the demo content?

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    • Does this WordPress theme come with the demo content
    • Are there demo included
    • When I order the theme, I am getting exactly what the "live demo" shows, there is nothing else I "need" to purchase, right
    • ‚Äč Once purchased the theme will look exactly like the live sample you have shown me


    The demo content as well as the front end editor are part of the themes (they ship with the theme). The only exception is the images. In the theme we have replaced the images with grey placeholders. The reason why we split them is that some people don't want to use the images and it would not be fair to let them pay for something that don't want. For those of you that do want to use the images you can decide whether you want to arrange the licenses yourself, or whether you want to use the photopack (assuming the photopack is avaialble. To learn if the photopack is available, and how to purchase it, see here; https://www.wpsupporthelp.com/answer/are-the-photos-included-with-the-theme-photo-pack-available-i-453/).

    The moment you activate the theme for the first time, the system will add the demo content of the theme to the site. To get an idea on how this works, see this video that shows the process of activating a theme for the first time (the video shows the life coach wordpress theme, but please note it works the same for all our themes):

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