• Question #1341 - Do you guys have a phone to call for info about my WordPress theme?

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    • Do you guys have a phone to call for info about my WordPress theme
    • Do you have live support
    • If I have any trouble installing, is there a customer service phone number
    • Do you have a help by phone if needed


    In majority of the cases we will refer to the online support videos and documentation that we have compiled since we have been in business (since 2011). In some cases we do Skype calls when we think thats better. If you prefer to always be able to contact someone by voice/audio then the support license we provide will not be sufficient and in that case we advise to make a support agreement with one of our implementation partners. Summarizing the options for support are;

    * self-help; through our support website https://www.wpsupporthelp.com (you ask, we already answered; filled with over 1500 support questions),
    * self-help; through our YouTube channel (filled with more than 600 support videos) and
    * through our e-mail system (assuming you have a valid support license)
    * through the live chat on the site (limited to us being online and available)
    * through Skype when we think thats a good fit (upon our initiative)
    * through an implementation partner based upon a service level agreement you make with them (outside the scope of the support license we provide).

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