• Question #1382 - Do we have to repurchase the WordPress theme every year?

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    The theme itself doesn't expire (so you can use it as long as you like), but the license that ships with it (which adds things on top of the "plain" product) does. ​We don't offer a subscription, so it the license expires the theme will continue working as-is (its won't self-destruct or so). We will not automaticaly charge your Creditcard. If you like to do so, you can optionally extend it to be able to;

    ​* Ask us questions directly one-on-one through our support services (https://www.wpsupporthelp.com/answer/what-methods-of-support-do-you-offer-do-you-offer-tech-support-695/)
    ​* Download theme updates (see https://www.wpsupporthelp.com/answer/what-has-updated-within-the-wordpress-theme-from-my-current-vers-1492/)
    * Help us extend the features and fix bugs of the product; to get a glimpse of the effort we put in the product, see the change log of the source code here; https://github.com/nexusthemes/nexusframework/commits/master
    ​* Do latitude/longitude lookups for addresses used in the google maps widget (without a license these lookups will fail resulting in the Google Maps widget not showing the map)
    ​* Retrieve and show additional information from the ixplatform.com website

    ​​Please note; renewing is optional; if you don't like to have the things listed above then you can simply use the theme without a license; thats fine with us too. When expired, the website will proceed to work the way it did, except of the bullets listed above.

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