• Question #217 - Can we use ecommerce with your themes, and if so, how?

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    There's various ways on how you can turn your website into a shop, let me loop over the options we've identified;

    Option A) Some themes we have already ship with WooCommerce fully integrated in the theme. In those cases the moment you install and activate the theme you will be done.

    Option B) If the theme does not have it yet, then you can extend its feature by integrating them with WooCommerce such that it becomes a fully blown eCommerce website. The only thing you will need is the WooBridge extension and some configuration on the site itself. What this entails is explained on this support page; https://www.wpsupporthelp.com/answer/how-to-integrate-woocommerce-in-a-nexus-theme-that-does-not-have-1478/

    Option C) If a PayPal button is all you need, you can use a simple PayPal integration. See this support page to learn how that works; https://www.wpsupporthelp.com/answer/how-to-integrate-a-paypal-button-on-my-wp-website-for-basic-simp-1506/

    Option D) Using a SAAS solution
    Next to WooCommerce and a simply PayPal button, you can also consider a "ecommerce as a service" solution (SAAS / Software as a Service). For example the one from Shopify. If you have question about Shopify and/or other SAAS solutions, please contact their support desk (we don't handle those support questions here).

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